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Default Re: the ideal Superman suit

Originally Posted by rohitiyer
This would be MY "ideal Superman suit":

Yep, that sure is a nice one. Nice colours too. I think if any colour is going to be dominant it should be the red, like this - Returns gets it completely backwards.

I love the colour scheme of the TAS suit too, and the Fleischer suit, especially the "Fleischer blue" (and the red is handled better than the SR suit too - despite what people say the Returns colour scheme is quite, quite different from the Fleischer scheme). The Kingdom Come colour scheme is almost the same as the Fleischer one, except there's no dark red).

Proportions wise, this Hughes design is great, though the boots are a *tad* too short - the boot-line should circle the thickest part of the calves, IMO. On the other hand, Christopher Reeve's boots were far too high.

Stuart Immonen's Secret Identity version is pretty much proportionally perfect - it has a close neckline like many comic versions do, so that could have worked for a movie suit if they didn't want the low neckline (I agree - too wide a neckline looks crappy - the Hughes design is about the limit).

Seriously - take this, give it STAS colours or Kingdom Come colours, make it out of the same materials as the Returns suit except the cape (ditch the latex and replace with nice cloth), lengthen the cape a bit and that's the perfect suit. It's a pity there aren't any good pics of it online that don't obscure the chest.

I also like Frank Quitely's version in All Star Supes, thoughthe boots are a bit off and the cape's too short. But I love what he does with the cape/collar.

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