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Default Re: How'd you become an X-fan?

Originally Posted by Arach Knight
When you say old X-Men cartoon, are you talking X-Men the Animated Series, or are you talking about the single episode, Pryde of the X-Men? When I was a kid, though I read a lot of different comics, I can honestly say that the X-Men wasn't one of them. I had never heard of the X-Men until I saw the episode of Pryde of the X-Men, on television. I was always stuck with that memory of Nightcrawler teleporting the bomb off the the longest tship. And for ime, that was all I could remember about the show...until my brother downloaded it from his art schools server. Man that show had such a horrible script. And Australian Wolverine...oh man. I don't know if that is more insulting to Canadians or Australians.
I was talking about the animated series. I have seen Pryde of the X-men and if I saw that 1st I don't think I would of became a X-men fan.

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