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Default Re: Official Cyclops/marsden Thread

Originally Posted by oneteen
Mind-rape? Is that what it's called now?
I used to be a Buffy fan. Sometimes it shows. So yeah, in my own personal vernacular, ****ing up someone's brain = mind-rape.

Originally Posted by Mr Lex Luthor
May I ask, what title and issue/s was that in? The one with Jean finding out about Emma and Scott and then mind-raping her? I'd like to check it out. Thanks.
New X-Men #139, apparently. I found this capture from it:

I also found, on that site, that her recovery in the infirmary wasn't as long as I first thought... but she was emotionally and mentally shattered for quite a while.

I also think it's kinda funny that Emma met up with Firestar just to apologize for everything she did to Angelica when she was the "White Queen" and try to make amends, but when Emma runs into Kitty after all these years, she's basically a ***** about it. Of course, the difference is that now she's been roped into working with Hellfire again, so she'd have a harder time putting that behind her... and Joss seems to be trying to make her more sinister once again... but I pretty much just blame Joss for that.

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