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Default Re: Official Cyclops/marsden Thread

Originally Posted by Bishop2
Why does everyone hate Emma so much? I get the impression it's entirely because she's not Jean. She's funny, she's got a really deep and fascinating character, our boy Cyclops loves her... I don't get it.

Jean's character is basically limited to "I'm nice," except for when she's Phoenix. I still say they never did anything really great with her after they brought her back from the dead the FIRST time.
I hate Emma, but in the sense that I love to hate her. She's an interesting character, but I don't want her to last with Cyke - for me, it isn't because she's not Jean (although I can see that being the case for others), but because I think she's a sleazy manipulative bi#%h and I just don't buy her and Scott. I'd even appreciate their 'thing' more if I knew for sure it would end in some sort of bitter betrayal and even a nice brawl.

Scott and Jean is always gonna be a rocky issue of when to move on I admit: she dies...then comes back...then dies....should Scott move on, or wait for her to turn up again? And if he does move on and she returns, then what?

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