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Default Re: Really dumb question but have to ask...

when the audience pays for the ticket... and the stub is within their hupti hands, their money is collected in small troves. or chests... even if, it is all electronically processed and posited and sent to the studios immediately like an electronic vacum. What follows is a complex breakdown of utility and functionality in financing the necessary margins to institute a healthy way of forming a pashtu in progress... yaani a sethuing glance and striking descendance of CASH FLOW.. CAASSHH FLOOW.

As this is, the studios call each theater and negotiate a separate contract with them, which is EMBOSSED, laminated and SIGNED AND EVEN NOTARIZED by certain known filmic embassies to act as legal documentation upon the CONTRACT WHICH MUST BE FOLLOWED IN DUE FORCE. As Such since there are some 4000 theaters in the US, there are this many contracts to be settled and dealt with, to see how much money is made by the company and how much is made by the studio

I hope you understand this as a lesson in due fate

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