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Default J J Abram's Superman Lives script ONLINE!

Abram's 1st draft (the much-derided one) can be found here

It's dated 2002, so it's the Ty-Zor / non-exploding Krypton one and I can see why Moriaty from AICN hated it. There's is just so much that is bad here, and not that much good.

There's far too much story all rushed (in the space of 15 minutes, you go from Superman's interview with Lois, to a battle with a robot in Washington, to Superman the outcast, and the death).

You've also got some REALLY REALLY bad characterisation. Jonathon Kent's hardly in it, and his death is meaningless, Ma Kent is wasted, Jimmy is written like a 15 year old wimp, Perry is a complete caricature of J Jonah Jamseon with NO redeeming qualities, Lois is completely schizo (one minute a strong, independant woman, and less than 1 minute later a complete victim), but the worst character is Clark Kent / Superman. From the beginning of the film, Clark's portrayed as isolated, with little human contact. He grows up afraid of his abilities, forced to help because he has to, not because he wants to. Then, after his 'death', he does a complete 180 and is now a true hero???!!!

I can see this film would have had some decent action, but would have been a terrible story, because there's not a single person to care about here.

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