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Default Re: Mutant power levels

Originally Posted by Exploding Boy
I just assumed that she was Alpha since she wasn't omega. I think she is omega, It just hasn't been said yet so whatever what I wrote isin't in stone or anything
This topic is way too controversial. It hasn't been stated anywhere in the comics that Storm is Omega, but it has been stated on various sites I've browsed though, but unless Marvel says so, it can't be proven. I believe she is, because her powers are just way too intense for an Alpha class mutant.

Think about it... she has an enormous degree of control on the entire Earth, he potential to effect it is practically limitless.

Originally Posted by aidol
My guess is that no he can't, because since he can't make fire himself he can't withstand fire...he can only manipulate.
You'd think it would burn him to some extent, with it being so close to his hands when he uses it as a projectile, right?

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