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Originally Posted by batman strikes
Do you some of the differences? Could tell us some of them? Like how they made it closer to the comics, and if they changed the villian, that sort of stuff.
I can tell you some of the differences that came later... but in my opinion, they weren't that close to the comics at all.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
1) Lex Luthor starts off as a shoe salesman in his 40s, around the time when Clark is in college. He encounters an alien pod that crash-lands from Krypton, and a symbiote attaches itself to him. Cut to 10 years later - Lex is now the highly successful owner of LEXCORP, a company he founded and turned into one of the biggest corporate enterprises around in less than a decade. Obviously, this is because the symbiote turns out to be an advanced Kryptonian scout that attached itself to Lex, giving him advanced alien technology that skyrocketd him in the field.

2) In order to explain the origin of Kryptonite, the evil brother's attack on Jor-El's royal palace and city ends up breaking a big chunk of the planet OFF of Krypton. The planet is still mostly intact, but one big chunk now orbits freely in space. As a result, small chunks from the explosion follow Clark's ship to earth...

3) Superman no longer gets a funeral. He dies at the NASA compound and is left for dead, but wakes up within like half an hour now, instead of being buried and such.

Other than that, I don't know any other changes.

I've never read this original draft... but my god, it's awful. I can't believe that Clark Kent actually took SUPERCRAPS when he was a baby. Seriously?! His diapers had ultra-smelly SUPERCRAPS?! This is ridiculous.

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