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Originally Posted by Batman the 6th
I'm not positive, but I think these are the level of power for some of the mutants:
Jean is Level 5
Prof. X is Level 4
Magneto is Level 4
Pyro is level 4
Iceman is level 4
Juggernaut is level 4
Rogue level 4
Storm is level 4
Colossus is level 3
I think I have it right
Others I don't know or are not sure about.

Scott, Beast, Nightcrawler, Multiple Man, Kitty,
Mystique, Toad, Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike, Angel, Callisto, Shockwave, Gambit,Jubilee,Boom Boom,Avalanche,Quicksilver,
Scarlet Witch,Wolfsbane, Blob, Logan, and Havok.
I can't think of any other right now
Can anyone confirm this?
Hello Batman, not sure if this is what you were looking for, but from the "X-Men:Marvel Encyclopedia v2" publication date:1st publication 2003 isbn 0-7851-1199-9, the following character stats are available: THIS IS LONG! PLEASE BE KIND< REWIND ^.^

Scott - intell-3, str-2, speed-2, durability-2, energy proj.-5, fight skills-4
beast-int-5, str-5, spd-2, dur-4,ep-1, fs-3
nightcrawler-int-3, str-2, spd-3, dur-2, ep-1, fs-3
multipleman-int-2, str-2, spd-2, dur-2, ep-2, fs-3
kitty-int-4, str-2, spd-2, dur-3, ep-1, fs-5
mystique-int-3, str-2, spd-2, dur-4, ep-1, fs-4
toad-int-2, str-4, spd-3, dur-4, ep-1, fs-5
sabretooth-int-2, str-4, spd-2, dur-4, ep-1, fs-6
lady deathstrike-int-3, str-4, spd-3, dur-3, ep-1, fs-6
angel [girl]-int-2, str-2, spd-3, dur-2, ep-3, fs-2
angel [archangel, warren] int-2, str-3, spd-4, dur-4, ep-1, fs-3
callisto-int-4, str-3, spd-2, dur-3, ep-1, fs4
gambit-int-2, str-2, spd-2, dur-2, ep-2, fs-3
jubilee-int-2, str-2, spd-2, dur-2, ep-4, fs-2
boomboom-see meltdown [weapon x project, she changed her name when running with cable in the underground]-int-2, str-2, spd-2, dur-2, ep-4, fs3
avalanche-int-2, str-2, spd-2, dur-2, ep-4, fs-3
quicksilver-int-2, str-2, spd-5, dur-3, ep-1, fs-3
scarlet witch [human, magick]-int-3, str-2, spd-2, dur-2, ep-5, fs-3
wolfsbane-int-2, str-3, spd-3, dur-3, ep-1, fs-3
blob-int-2, str-5, spd-1, dur-6, ep-1, fs-2
logan [pain in the MU[see all over the place ]]int-2, str-4, spd-2, dur-4, ep-1, fs-7
havok-int-2, str-2, spd-2, dur-3, ep-5, fs-2

Power Ratings:

strength:ability to lift weight
1-weak-cannt even move self
2-normal-can move self
3-peak human-able to lift twice own weight
4-superhuman- lift 800lbs-25tons
5-superhuman- lift 25-75 tons
6-superhuman- lift 75-100 tons
7-incalculable- lift in excess of 100 tons

intelligence:ability to think and process information
6-super genius
7-omniscient [godlike]

energy projection: ability to discharge energy
2-ability to discharge on contact [gambit charging his cards, ect.]
3-short range, short duration, single energy type [havok, boomboom, ect]
4-medium range, medium duration, single energy type [see havok ect.]
5-long range, long duration, single energy type [pheonix, boomboom, ect.]
6-able to discharge multiple forms of energy [boomboom, jubilee, ect.]
7-virtually unlimited command of all forms of energy [the watcher, ect.]

Speed: ability to move over land by running or flight
1-below normal
2- normal
3-superhuman - peak range 700mph
4-speed of sound [ flash, quicksilver]
5-supersonic - mach 2 through orbital velocity [quicksilver, flash]
6-speed of light: 186,000 mps[miles per second] [silver surfer]
7-warp speed! [sh'iarr battle cruiser]

Durability: ability to resist or recover from bodily injury
1- below normal
3-enhanced [faster than normal, but not healing factor fast]
4-regenerative [healing factor]
5-bulletproof [quicksilver when running or superman standing still]
6-superhuman [superman]
7-vurtually inddestructable [apocolypse or superman]

Fighting Ability: proficiency in hand to hand combat [able to defend self]
1-poor [most of everyone ]
2-normal [the rest of us who can hit back ]
3-some training [street wise]
4-experienced fighter [street fighter, or purple and higher martial arts belt color]
5-master of a single form of combat [blackbelt]
6-master of several forms of combat [studied more than one form of fighting style]
7- master of all forms of combat [you spent your life becomming grasshopper]

could not find shockwave, this mutant may be in the newer version which I have yet to purchase. As with all things, other than hoping that this helps, please take peanut gallery comments with a grain of salt. ^.^

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