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Originally Posted by echostation
Batman Strikes

I came up with a possible cast in answer to your question, what would your cast be? also who would you cast as Alta in answer to my question?
This is who I was imagining while reading the script.

Matthew Bomer-Clark Kent/Superman (although it was kinda hard because I kept picturing Brandon Routh hahaha)

Lois Lane-Keri Russell mostly because of Abrams writing the script

Perry White-Christopher Walken he was rumored for the part

Jimmy Olsen-Adam Brody

Ty-Zor-Joaquin Phoenix I really think that he would of been great in this role and no I'm not just copying you.

Kata-Zor-I couldn't come up with anyone reading the script, but I liked your Idea about Brendan Gleeson.

Jor-El-Anthony Hopkins

Lex Luthor-This was a hard one because I couldn't see Ralph Fiennes playing this Lex Luthor or Kevin Spacey for that matter (they seem more of Buisness type Lex to me). Don't laugh (actually it might be pretty funny) but because of the whole CIA angle and with Lex wearing a black suit like Agent Smith I actually kept picturing Hugo Weaving for that particular characterization of Lex.

Martha Kent-Someone who wasn't around 30 or 40 but someone around 50 or 60 so you could believe that there about late 60's early 70's when Clark is 29.

Jonathan Kent-Same

For Alta I have know clue, I kept thinking of Ursa from Superman II. But from the description she was given, I would find someone who's not that big of an actor because she dosen't talk at all in the script. sorry if that's not a good enough answer. I tryed.

By the way Bishop2 thanks for telling me some of differences. This script was a good read but unless they gave this script major rewrite to make it closer to the comics then I wouldn't want to see it on screen. You just have to appreciate what Bryan Singer did with this project turning from just an action picture to something with heart and just giving us a real Superman Movie.

Bring on SUPERMAN RETURNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

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