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Default Re: Mutant power levels

Since when did X-Men become the new Dragon Ball Z? Power level arguments? And I don't think End Song would solve much. If you are going to point out that Storm can't be Omega, because she couldn't stop Jean, then i'll just call bull**** right there. In End Song, Storm is battling a cosmic entity designed to end existence itself. Nothing should feasibly be able to defeat the Phoenix, unless the Phoenix falls victim to the weakness of the host entity (i.e. greed/lust or emotional break down etc etc). It isn't like Storm has never defeated Jean in the past. To my knowledge, Jean, without the Phoenix, is considered Omega. If that is the case, then I say that you need look no further than Uncanny X-Men #270, where Storm beats Jean fair and square in a danger room session. Storm is a very able fighter and a very powerful mutant. Even Uncanny X-Men 474, ends with a rouge group of mutant hunters with power scouters, noting that Storm has a considerably large mutant power source.

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