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Default Re: Poll: Should Tony be a Boozer?

Originally Posted by Drakon
I do agree with that, too. It makes a lot of sense, too. If the movie were to get an "R" rating, then I could see it happening. Or, even film the footage, and set it aside for an uncut Director's Cut, ala Daredevil.
Yeah, it's the "R" rating that I don't want the film to have yet. Considering it's the first, I think people should get a good feel on Iron Man. Why he's decided to make the suit in the first place, what he's using it for, who he's using it against, etc. Maybe the could film some footage containing the drinking. I like the idea of having it on the D-Cut. But personally, if Jon wannted to give a sign that it'd be explored, he could just have a bottle sitting there on a table or something....

Originally Posted by Gogo Bananas
See how in the FAQ Fav says he's laying the GROUNDWORK for it (It being alcholism)...he can't do that without having Tony drink.
Which means he simply swills a martini once or twice.
Or he can be seen sucking back quite a few throughout the movie without actually being loaded and screwing up in the armor.
I'd like to see him order a drink kinda like a James Bond style.

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