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Default Re: Poll: Should Tony be a Boozer?

Harry Osborn managed to get decently sloshed in SM2 without an R rating, Iron Man could do the same.
The other reason I'd like to see as much drinking ASAP is because it would seem less like they just pulled it outta their hats in a sequel (and sequels are by no means a gaurentee at this point).
Just like Harry Osborn developed in SM. Obviously neurotic in SM1, quite a bit moreso in SM2. If they hadn't taken the time to spare a few moments for his personality disorder in 1, it wouldn't have gone down so well in 2. It woulda seemed arbitrary.
And I'd like to avoid that for Iron Man.
Plus, Tony Stark is probably the numero uno flawed hero. What better way to drive home the irony of his Iron Man persona than by showing him to be anything but from the start.

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