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Default Re: Poll: Should Tony be a Boozer?

I think they should show him drinking.... a bit, and in particular when he is stressed or trying to unwind.

After a business meeting some Scotch.... nothing but the best for Mr. Stark Johnny Walker Blue Label...

At the end of the movie he should be exhausted and when he gets home it should be the first thing he goes for

The movie may end on a depressing note if that happens though.... Him drinking alone in a dark room

but it would of course be great foreshadowing.

I don't get all the R rateing talk...becasue of showing a.... an alcoholic character drammas do that all the time on TV.... The OC comes to mind

100 chimps working in unison to create the next great American Novel... It was the best of times it..... it was the blurst of times??? You have to love Mr. Burns.
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