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Default Re: Should they introduce Kara Zor-El in the sequels?

Originally Posted by Primal Slayer
I think they should introduce her. They had the perfect oppertunity to introduce Kara(not Supergirl yet) in SR if they had wanted since Superman was in space for how many years? he could have found her(STAS origin probably best so fans wouldnt be upset with the whole last son of krypton thing).
Unfortunately, Singer is a little more interested in doing things with the Donner edge, and less the approach of STAS. That documentary that came out on Superman recently that Singer produced covered almost all facets of Superman and barely just glossed over STAS. It was a real slap in the face of the DCAU and all the work that Timm/Dini did.

Superman in space would have been a really great opportunity to bring Supergirl back. Unfortunately, instead of mentoring Supergirl, Singer would rather Superman mentor a young boy who happens to be his child. It's rather disappointing to me, but Singer is going to do whatever he wants.

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