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Default Re: Iron Man vs. Dr. Doom

Originally Posted by IronMan_2005
Mags, you mean Magneto?? No way does he beat Iron Man, infact in an Avengers West Coast issue, Iron Man and Magneto did fight, Iron Man reversed the polarity of his armor and beat the crap outta Magneto.

now that I think about it a fight between Iron Man and Wolverine would also be a onesided beating, if Iron Man made himself into a magnet.

Iron Man vs Dr. Doom, I would now say Iron Man because he constantly keeps upgrading his armor and now has the extremes virus injected inhimself which could control and shut down the Doom armor.
I remember that, I thought it was so funny to see Iron Man basically turned the tables on Magneto, it was a fun issue.
Iron Man vs Wolverine, that would be entertaining, though, all Tony has to do is tap into a Defense Satellite and blow Wolverine up from orbit.

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