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Default Re: Mutant power levels

Originally Posted by ningi
Hello Batman, not sure if this is what you were looking for, but from the "X-Men:Marvel Encyclopedia v2" publication date:1st publication 2003 isbn 0-7851-1199-9, the following character stats are available: THIS IS LONG! PLEASE BE KIND< REWIND ^.^

Scott - intell-3, str-2, speed-2, durability-2, energy proj.-5, fight skills-4
beast-int-5, str-5, spd-2, dur-4,ep-1, fs-3
nightcrawler-int-3, str-2, spd-3, dur-2, ep-1, fs-3
multipleman-int-2, str-2, spd-2, dur-2, ep-2, fs-3
kitty-int-4, str-2, spd-2, dur-3, ep-1, fs-5
mystique-int-3, str-2, spd-2, dur-4, ep-1, fs-4
toad-int-2, str-4, spd-3, dur-4, ep-1, fs-5
sabretooth-int-2, str-4, spd-2, dur-4, ep-1, fs-6
lady deathstrike-int-3, str-4, spd-3, dur-3, ep-1, fs-6
angel [girl]-int-2, str-2, spd-3, dur-2, ep-3, fs-2
angel [archangel, warren] int-2, str-3, spd-4, dur-4, ep-1, fs-3
callisto-int-4, str-3, spd-2, dur-3, ep-1, fs4
gambit-int-2, str-2, spd-2, dur-2, ep-2, fs-3
jubilee-int-2, str-2, spd-2, dur-2, ep-4, fs-2
boomboom-see meltdown [weapon x project, she changed her name when running with cable in the underground]-int-2, str-2, spd-2, dur-2, ep-4, fs3
avalanche-int-2, str-2, spd-2, dur-2, ep-4, fs-3
quicksilver-int-2, str-2, spd-5, dur-3, ep-1, fs-3
scarlet witch [human, magick]-int-3, str-2, spd-2, dur-2, ep-5, fs-3
wolfsbane-int-2, str-3, spd-3, dur-3, ep-1, fs-3
blob-int-2, str-5, spd-1, dur-6, ep-1, fs-2
logan [pain in the MU[see all over the place ]]int-2, str-4, spd-2, dur-4, ep-1, fs-7
havok-int-2, str-2, spd-2, dur-3, ep-5, fs-2

Power Ratings:

strength:ability to lift weight
1-weak-cannt even move self
2-normal-can move self
3-peak human-able to lift twice own weight
4-superhuman- lift 800lbs-25tons
5-superhuman- lift 25-75 tons
6-superhuman- lift 75-100 tons
7-incalculable- lift in excess of 100 tons

intelligence:ability to think and process information
6-super genius
7-omniscient [godlike]

energy projection: ability to discharge energy
2-ability to discharge on contact [gambit charging his cards, ect.]
3-short range, short duration, single energy type [havok, boomboom, ect]
4-medium range, medium duration, single energy type [see havok ect.]
5-long range, long duration, single energy type [pheonix, boomboom, ect.]
6-able to discharge multiple forms of energy [boomboom, jubilee, ect.]
7-virtually unlimited command of all forms of energy [the watcher, ect.]

Speed: ability to move over land by running or flight
1-below normal
2- normal
3-superhuman - peak range 700mph
4-speed of sound [ flash, quicksilver]
5-supersonic - mach 2 through orbital velocity [quicksilver, flash]
6-speed of light: 186,000 mps[miles per second] [silver surfer]
7-warp speed! [sh'iarr battle cruiser]

Durability: ability to resist or recover from bodily injury
1- below normal
3-enhanced [faster than normal, but not healing factor fast]
4-regenerative [healing factor]
5-bulletproof [quicksilver when running or superman standing still]
6-superhuman [superman]
7-vurtually inddestructable [apocolypse or superman]

Fighting Ability: proficiency in hand to hand combat [able to defend self]
1-poor [most of everyone ]
2-normal [the rest of us who can hit back ]
3-some training [street wise]
4-experienced fighter [street fighter, or purple and higher martial arts belt color]
5-master of a single form of combat [blackbelt]
6-master of several forms of combat [studied more than one form of fighting style]
7- master of all forms of combat [you spent your life becomming grasshopper]

could not find shockwave, this mutant may be in the newer version which I have yet to purchase. As with all things, other than hoping that this helps, please take peanut gallery comments with a grain of salt. ^.^
I wouldn't rank wolverine and sabertooth as being able to lift tons! They probably cant even lift 2 or even 1 ton. They arent that strong. Wolverine is just heavy, but sabertooth might be able to lift 1 ton if he tries. Unless you have superstrength like rogue or hulk, they probably cant lift much at one time beast was holding down a metal door that was closing from the top, wolverine tried to help him but the two of them couldn't keep it open, until rogue comes along and says, "i got it beast!", and just pulls that door back up like it was nothing, while beast and wolverine run was on the shi'aar ship too.

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