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Originally Posted by aidol
I wouldn't rank wolverine and sabertooth as being able to lift tons! They probably cant even lift 2 or even 1 ton. They arent that strong. Wolverine is just heavy, but sabertooth might be able to lift 1 ton if he tries. Unless you have superstrength like rogue or hulk, they probably cant lift much at one time beast was holding down a metal door that was closing from the top, wolverine tried to help him but the two of them couldn't keep it open, until rogue comes along and says, "i got it beast!", and just pulls that door back up like it was nothing, while beast and wolverine run was on the shi'aar ship too.

I'm not the one who did the rankings, Marvel did, but in Sabretooth:Mary Shelley Overdrive, Sabretooth is seen ripping a 4 ton airconditioning unit out of its moorings on a rooftop and using it to body slam a couple of undead mercs. Plus, most of the writers haven't bothered trying to depict the actual upgrades in strength both Sabretooth and Wolverine underwent as part of both WeaponX projects, but it was hinted that both mutants were already superhumanly strong before the supersoldier serum experiments based on thier healing factors were used.

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