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Default Re: Mutant power levels

Originally Posted by aidol
acutally no.....not to destroy planets....because that would make you a cosmic being be omega means to be able to control molecules and affect them.
Stop it. Omega means to have unlimited potential. The person may not be able to control their power or know fully what their power does but if they are an Omega they will have unlimited potential with their powers. It doesn't mean they are immune to ninja chops, or can't get their ass beat.

Elixir, Jean, Iceman, The Stepford Cuckoos, Kid Omega, Mister M, Vulcan, Franklin Richards are Omega level mutants. I too would agree with Magneto and possibly Professor. Though it has been stated Phoenix is a class above Omega and Jean is Phoenix and Kid Omega has been sought out by Phoenix before. Because he is my favorite character I would like to throw in Synch was considered to be Omnipotent if he mastered his power.

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