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Default Re: Justice League Vs Avengers

Originally Posted by Sloth7d
If you count the entire Avengers reserves and Jla reserves we will have an interesting fight. The match ups may look something like this
Oh and
Captain America vs Batman= draw
Superman vs Sentry=superman
Thor vs Captain Marvel=Thor
Wonder woman vs Warbird=Wonderwoman,maybe....its 50/50
Spiderman vs Booster gold lol=spiderman ofcourse
Wolverine vs Hawk man=wolverine
Aquaman vs wonder man=wonderman
Green lantern vs Ironman=Ironman
super girl vs she hulk=she hulk
Hawk girl vs falcon=hawk girl
Steel vs Wonderman=didn't realize I double match up'd wonderman
Martian manhunter vs Vision=draw
Scarlett witch vs Zantana=scarlett witch
Quick silver vs The flash=flash hands down
Green arrow vs Hawk eye=Hawk eye
and Hulk vs Plastic man lol but it could go eiter way if you consider it=Hulk
Black panther vs Blue beetle=Black panther
Hank pym vs Atom=draw
Luke cage vs Question mark=undecided
Spiderwoman vs Canary=spider woman
Its a hard debate but.....
With this in mind I'd have to go with the Avengers, because their team is on the verge of omnipotence. Like they may even get a new member with that Michael guy.
Just my opinion.b

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