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Default Re: Justice League Vs Avengers

Originally Posted by elvislennon2005
Ok, here is my thoughts. For people thinks that Batman will be taken out of the fight because he has no powers what so ever is wrong. Batman might not really be in the fight. He will find the weakness for the Avengers and you it against them. That is how Batman is and always have been. He will know that he can't go against them because he lacks the power to do so. So I say he would be behind the lines trying to find the Avengers weakness.
And same goes for spiderman.
Sloth7d about you opinion of Supergirl getting beat up by She Hulk. Which Supergirl are you talking about? Their is five different ones and one is the blood cousin to Superman meaning she has the same powers as he does. So that might be a draw too.
Agreeable, but it depends on how mad she-hulk gets.
Some says that Wonder Woman is be beating up by Thor or whoever. Well, she held her own against Superman for God's sake.
Do you believe yourself when you said that? I think she would be winner of whoever.
Superman=holding back.
Thor beat superman in one title, but lost in another.
So odds are Thor would seriously own her if he could go back and forth winning against Supes.
larryfilmmaker that guy doens't know what he is talking about having Superman doing that stuff like ripping apart a star or rearrangin the Solar System. That guy needs to know that if you move a planet then something will hapen to that planet even it is move a little bit. Superman is strong and maybe can move a moon like he did in Superman IV but Earth would of been destroy if he move it out of the orbit.
Yeah, but logic doesn't always aply. If it did, then scientificly everytime Supes caught a person falling from several ft, they would die from impact.
The Question Batman just didn't beat Superman in just on in Hush but two other times and those times are before 1986 during the pre crisis Superman. Batman won hands down because he cheated but he won.
I think would last against anyone because he can make a vortex and make the person pass out if needed. Martian Manhunter would win over Vision.
But JLA is to strong in each of their own way for the Avengers. Avengers would lose big time
If you think that, then you are seriously underestimating the Avengers.

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