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Default Re: Where has Scott Summers gone?

Originally Posted by DarknessOfDeath
I suggest you re-watch the entire infirmary scene. Logan asked Jean a few times about what happened to Scott. She didn't say specifically that she killed him, plus we didn't see anything in her flashback that implied Scott was killed.

and, it was only Xavier who threw it in her face about not controlling her powers and killing the man she loved. Xavier did sense something had happened at Alkali Lake but it was just a disturbance (like a disturbance in the 'force'). My only conclusion, that he only felt the disturbance briefly and when Logan and Storm bursted into his office, he told them to go to the Lake.
Yes! Absolutely! That's what I'm talked about.

Did anyone know when Scott left the mansion, know he was going to Alkali Lake?
It's definitely not clear in the film, and I don't think it was clearly established in the novel either. He just left on a whim one morning. Some fans speculate he could have discussed the idea with Xavier, but it seemed more he was on a secret mission to find closure for himself.
If Xavier knew, he certainly didn't tell anyone else. When Logan and Ro arrived and found Scott's glasses, they were surprised to find them, surprised that he was here, or at least his glasses were here (movie doesn't say whether they found his motorcycle too), so they most likely did not know either.

He'd never believed in life after death until Jean had died, and he still wasn't sure what he believed, but he believed in something. Maybe he just believed in her.

Jean: Mom says the only way I can cook is over a bunsen burner.

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