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Default Re: Where has Scott Summers gone?

Originally Posted by ntcrawler
Easy. Jean lost control of her ability to hold back Scott's beams. For whatever reason Phoenix interferring, her getting distracted, not doing it right, etc. not important. Scott started to feel pain, and his beams returned. He blasted her at point blank range. Jean by reflex reflected the beams back at him, just like in the dam. Scott got catapulted back into the woods where he had one hell of a landing. Painful but not fatal. Jean was also knocked back from the rocky ledge and either hit her head or passed out from the shock. Since her powers are also reflected from her emotions, the sudden shock caused all those things to start hovering in the air including the water which turned into fog. And there you have it. There's about 20 different variations of this, either written up as script rewrites, discussions, fanfics, as well as a full-color comic page.

And of course Jean wouldn't remember what happened. Her brain was scrambled as it was from the shock of dying and resurrecting. what happened with scott would have been traumatic and confusing for her too.

It's also the simplest solution. No need to get Mr Sinister, Bishop, or anyone else involved. No need for time travel, magical dragons, or glowing crystals.
thats actually a pretty good explanation. i mean lets face it guys, if they really wanted Scott dead for sure, then they would have shown him dissintegrate point blank whether it be when the scene actually happens or when Jean gets flashbacks in the medical bay. the fact is they didn't show it, leaving it open (whether it is logical or not) that Scott is indeed alive. its like soap operas. you are never dead unless they actually show you die.

because they didn't, i would never be shocked if he is alive. frankly, i wouldnt care if it was completely illogical as i like his character as well as jean (shes my fav. scott and logan switch back and forth for second depending on which movie)

Jean: What you don't think he's in your head, too?

Jean Grey is my favorite marvel character and my second favorite movie character of all time (sorry Indiana Jones takes that one lol...).

PS. FYI im a girl....
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