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Default Re: Justice League Vs Avengers

Originally Posted by elvislennon2005
I am not underestimating the Avengers at all. Justice League has more powerful players than Avengers with Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern.
The Sentry, Warbird,and Ironman easily match tose three.
If you add Supergirl to it but it still it depends on which one, which I say add the original Supergirl. It doesn't matter how mad She Hulk gets at all. The original Supergirl could stand her own against She Hulk.
If SheHulk let her rage consume her like in Avengers dissassembled Super girls going down. If she doesn't I still say it's a fair fight. Especially due to She-hulks healing factor and anger induced strenth. Basically if supergirl doesn't finish it right away shes going to be in trouble.
Spiderman is nothing like Batman. He won't be sitting around without fighting.
No, Ironman has basically made Spidey the brains of the group. Check New Avengers #19. Spidey stays behind to find a weakness on Michael.
Batman will and that is really Batman's true power. He will find their weakness and use it against them. Yes, Superman holds back on punches but you need to understand the strength of Superman. If he hits everybody at full force that person who be dead.
If he faught The Sentry it would be pretty even. Maybe even a double ko.
He didn't hold his punches against the Hulk because he figure out that the more stronger Hulk gets the more savage he gets. During one battle, Superman hit Hulk so hard that those punches could be heard around the world. So was the Hulk punches but Hulk lost still. If you want Superman ripped apart a star and rearranging a Solar System. Tell me how would you defeat such a person at all without using Kryptonite? Yes, you can use magic but Batman might of thought of that ahead of time before the Avengers will use magic.
Again, Sentry would be an evenly matched opponent.
The power behind the Avengers is not compare to the JLA. They are simply to strong for them. If you add some members of the X-Men then they might have a chance and the key word their is might.
No the Avengers by themselves is good enough.
I even ask a friend who like Avengers alot more and has all their comics and I ask him who would win. He even said the sadly the JLA would win hands down. Avengers has more weakness than power. He said that the only key player that the Avengers would have is Thor and that is it. Yes, some more would be considered key players but they have more weakness than power while Thor you have to get that hammer away from him.
Again I'll say you are seriously underestimating the Avengers. If you only new how strong some of them really were you might reconsider.

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