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Default Re: Justice League Vs Avengers

Originally Posted by elvislennon2005
I know how strong they are. I collect their comics too. I read both Marvel and DC. The Avengers are not strong compare to the JL. All members of the Justice League got most of their powers naturally. Unlike the Avengers would got their powers in one way or another. I think you are underestimating the power of the Justice League.
They fought alot of those already and won more times than the Avengers has. Don't count that one that happen a few years ago because that story line was just put together. Superman knocking down the Hulk in about five punches or less. That won't happen. It will be a much bigger battle. Superman will knock down the Hulk but not the way that comic told it.

I believe that it's who has the better tactics that will win:
-Hulk has beaten the Avengers. The Avengers are slightly weaker or stronger to the JL.
-Superman has to put up quite a fight if he were against one of the other JL members (According to some of the Epidodes from The new animated JL series)
-If Hulk would go against all of the JL members (And keep Superman away from him), Hulk would probably beat the JL members while the rest of the Avengers go after Superman. The Avengers would win in that case.

But if it would be one on one, JL member VS Avenger member, It might be otherwise...

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