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Default Re: Justice League Vs Avengers

"-Superman has to put up quite a fight if he were against one of the other JL members (According to some of the Epidodes from The new animated JL series)
-If Hulk would go against all of the JL members (And keep Superman away from him), Hulk would probably beat the JL members while the rest of the Avengers go after Superman. The Avengers would win in that case."

That Superman is a little weaker on the JL series than the comic version of Superman. Out of the other members of the JL Hulk would have problems with Wonder Woman. According to the JL series, WW is the daughter of the one who guards the gates of Hell. As for in the comics I can't say because I don't have many of her comics and I been trying to find her info. But that is his only problem because she has strength that is match to Superman's. Martian Manhunter would give surprise attacks on the Hulk. Flash could run really fash to cause a vortex and suck the oxygen away from the Hulk do Hulk would pass out but Flash has to say over arms length to do that so Hulk won't hit him.
Superman Vs the rest of the Avengers....hmmm.....That might be a fair fight and I say after a long battle with them, Superman would still win. He would finally realize the only way to stop them by themselves is hit with full force meaning not pulling punches. If he pull his punches he would kill them so we don't want that. Also you won't be able to have a surprise attack on Superman because of his super hearing. That is the draw back the Avengers have. If that would happen I say that the last member that Superman would keep facing is Thor. All the rest would fall in time but Thor is another story because of that hammer. But if Superman could use his head he could defeat him to. But he would have to be like Batman, find his weakness and use it against him without killing him.

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