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Default Re: Where has Scott Summers gone?

Originally Posted by S7ilver
They wanted to add at least some cinematics to the movie, showing Cyclops disinegrating on-screen would leave no intrigue to the viewers especially so early in the movie. Jean has just arisen and no one knows what's happened to her so they kiss, epic/scary music play, Cyclops starts to bubble, scene changes on-screen, and poof..he's gone..

Bottom-line, if he looked like he died and they acted like he died..He probably died
i mean i know what you're saying, but when you leave intrigue, for something like that, theres really no reason to leave it like that for the whole movie or even left open forever. you could have had intrigue and still have shown him be demolecularized when jean had flashbacks.

Jean: What you don't think he's in your head, too?

Jean Grey is my favorite marvel character and my second favorite movie character of all time (sorry Indiana Jones takes that one lol...).

PS. FYI im a girl....
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