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Default Re: Where has Scott Summers gone?

Originally Posted by JeanGrey12
i mean i know what you're saying, but when you leave intrigue, for something like that, theres really no reason to leave it like that for the whole movie or even left open forever. you could have had intrigue and still have shown him be demolecularized when jean had flashbacks.
Yeah, you can't have it both ways. Either he died, or he didn't. Either you show that he died, or you don't. I can see how the production team was making a last-ditch effort to salvage Scott instead of killing him off outright, but while giving us hope, at the same time it makes things frustrating.
I know alot of people including myself waited 3 years for this very scene, and we were hoping for something better than what we got.

He'd never believed in life after death until Jean had died, and he still wasn't sure what he believed, but he believed in something. Maybe he just believed in her.

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