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Default Re: Should they introduce Kara Zor-El in the sequels?

One twist would be having Kara come in toward the last as a child.

Superman would have someone super in his life to relate to but he
would refuse to go the 'sidekick' route for obvious reasons.

He would want Kara to have a chance at a normal childhood even though
she is way ahead of himself at the same age or Jason in the metahuman

Superpowers,death of her world AND being a little girl.

Those wouldn't be easy burdens on anyone.

She could be Kal-el's biological/legal cousin or not but she would be established
as having a sufficiently similar but different genetic code that she can't be assumed to be headed for the same power development as Superman plus the 'incest factor'
would not exist if she and JASON were to perpetuate the Kryptonian line.

Kara gets to be a regular moppet even as she absorbs her new culture,learns to control
her gifts and ponders whether she will one day become a heroine.

(Yes,Superman's life is a cautionary tale but she's also growing up with Hermione,
Pippi Longstocking,Heinlein's Pee Wee and Podkayne,the Leewit,Roald Dahl's Matilda,
Sidney,Buffy,Veronica Mars,Samantha Carter and role models such as Martha Kent.)

She can imagine herself as applying her skills to save the world just like the girls in the
video games-only without the cleavage.

When a bully locks her in an abandoned freezer that had not been child-proofed,
she wonders how she can escape without revealing her secret.

She manages to get a clue to Jason who has to figure out a way of releasing her without HIS secret coming to light.

He does so in a typical Clark fashion and warns his young friend.

" Little girls do NOT belong in refrigerators!"

She gives him a 'DUHHHHHHHHHH!!!' look and replies: "I know that!"

He is busy trying to understand who he is and why he can do the things he can

Why does his body seem so strong one minute and unable to perform basic functions
like breathing the next?

His mom says that's just the way he was born and it's something he has to make the
best of.

We see the paralell lives of two children tied to Superman.

Both are trying to balance growing into their superhuman abilities while attempting the
equally daunting tasks of just becoming themselves.

This development could occur over several films.

Instead of doing Lolita from Argo City,we could be given a tween heroine that could celebrate being a child.

A Fanning sister,AnnaSophia Robb or their ilk could grow into a slightly edgier Kara
with the wit and steel found in the young Natalie Portman or the early Anna Paquin.

We would get our attractive ingenue after watching her grow into her role as Supergirl
on screen and in the storyline.

(Jason would be metamorphisizing,too.)

This would let us get the next generation of super-heroes started without cloning the adult versions,subjecting anyone to a cloying Super-Tot as a failed audience surrogate
or getting in the way of grown-up storylines prematurely.

If done correctly,this could embellish the Superman saga without risking his being burdened with vapid teen idols or some Koi from Krypton practicing their heat vision
in Clark's goldfish bowl.

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