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Default Re: Justice League Vs Avengers

Originally Posted by Parker
Captain America beats Batman in terms of leadership and battle tactics, but Bruce Wayne has had far more rigorous training in the martial-arts than Steve Rogers, by far. So in terms of leading a team of super-heroes, Cap takes the gold, sure. But if you're talking about a on-on-one bout, Batman wins indisputably. And even though Cap gets his perfect physique from the super soldier serum, Batman has honed his body to the peak of human perfection through conventional means. I might give Captain America the strength superiority, but he isn't half as intelligent or cunning as Batman, nor has he spent as much time perfecting his martial-arts.
Captain America trains regularly, and is a very highly skilled hand to hand combatant. Cap is also highly inteligent, and I don't see why Batman is automatically moreso.

Originally Posted by Sloth7d
To say that, one must know very little on Captain America,

who was trained by the military.

Trained by shield.

Trained with the avengers

And practices his martial arts on a regular basis.

Yes, Batman does still know many more fighting techniques despite this, but the enhanced strenth and physique balances that out.

It would be an even fight.
Also, I must add: Knowing more techniques and fighting styles does not make you a better fighter. It just means you're very anal retentive about learning everything you can. Experience and a quick mind are what wins fights, not moves.

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