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Default Re: Should they introduce Kara Zor-El in the sequels?

Here's an idea for introducing one of the Karas:

Luthor, with the aid of some nutjob scientist named Milton Fine, devises a means to hurt Superman through - of course - the ones he loves, Lois and Jimmy, utilizing technology derived from Luthor's acquired knowledge about Krypton, the crystals, and specifically the time-space-warping properties of the Phantom Zone. Superman flies into the trap to save them but all three get catapulted into a space-time-warp that plops them down on Krypton several months before its destruction and before Superman's own birth. To find a way back, Kal-El must seek out his own father. To do this, he needs to adopt an inconspicuous alias and ditch the 'S' - he continually has to warn Lois and Jimmy that he's interfered in human history once and can't allow himself to do so again, under any circumstances. Kal-El's unusual proficiency with crystals forges a kinship between Jor-El and his future son, one which further alienates Jor-El's friend and comrade, General Zod. Zod's disgruntlement is worsened by the fact that the Krypton Council now seems to put their blind trust in an artificial intelligence originating from the planet Colu named Brainiac, which is seen in the guise of the drone-sentinel-stormtrooper-guy in the S:TM director's cut. (This would bring some design challenges, since you can't have the whole cast in those goofy reflective suits for two hours; I figure Brainiac himself is reflective and has drones that aren't, as seen at the start of SII, and only members of the Council and their immediate families wear white.When we go inside Kryptonopolis there would be a multitude of colors worn by the entire citizenry, and not all of it would be glowing). Anyhoo, Jor-El has Superman and his friends accompanying him to a conference on Argo where they meet an old associate of Jor-El's, Kala In-Ze and her daughter Kara, and when Kara and Jimmy meet it's love at first sight. But Brainiac figures out that Jor-El's new apprentice is more than he seems, and when his obsession with ferreting out the visitor's origins draws Zod's attention, the General suspects Brainiac is planning to overthrow the Council. His cries go unheard, however, and more disgusted than before, Zod suspects that Jor-El is conspiring with Brainiac and this new underling behind Zod's own back. The situation gets worse with Jimmy and Kara's growing relationship. Jimmy is painfully reminded of what fate awaits Krypton AND Argo, and is genuinely torn between keeping the first true love of his life even though it may mean his own death, or leaving her behind to die alone. This, coupled with Superman and Lois spending more time together than they'd been planning on in view of her prolonged engagement, creates a gaggle of conflict for the Man of Steel, and even if ANY of our heroes live long enough to make it back to present-day Earth, someone has likely pursued them back aboard his own skulllike starship...

So basically my idea for introducing Kara would be a Donner sequel AND prequel that's also a combination of "Back To The Future", "Somewhere In Time", and "Revenge Of The Sith".

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