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Default Re: Where has Scott Summers gone?

Originally Posted by Mother_Askani
Dead is dead, that that should apply to the movies as well as the comics.
Death should also serve a purpose and be done so that it has an impact on the plot, not to shock the audience or for the sake of drama, especially if it involves well established, heroic characters.

Characters dying and coming back lessens the impact of character deaths. Jean's already died once in the movies. Sure, they can do something like Phoenix wasn't really Jean, but that makes deaths in the movies even more pointless.
Well, her death was completely avoidable and pointless in the first place, so who cares if it's a bit more cheesy? i'd rather have a more fulfilling, open ending than the sense of total doom that was prevalent in X3. Killing off 1/2 the cast in 3 episodes does not give them justice or give them a chance to tell their stories. It also doesn't do well to turn a hero into a monster that needs to be hunte down like she's some kind of zombie or vampire. Where's the dignity?
Speaking of that, Xavier's being transferred to another body, now THAT was silly. Having Jean survive her ordeal would have been more credible than to find out that the man who did this to her got to cheat death and end up in another body. Talk about fate being cruel and unfair.

Technically, based on what happened in X-Men comics, Jean shouldn't have even died...

In Uncanny X-Men 208, Wolverine stabbed Rachel Summers (Phoenix II) in the lungs and heart, and she survived. (She used her TK to seel the wounds) So, what Wolvie did to Jean in Last Stand should not have killed her, if Rachel could have survived those injuries.
Hey, you forgot about X1. Wolverine stabbed Mystique in the gut pretty good and she survived. Long enough to have the paramedics pick her up and she made a full recovery.

But clearly none of the writers of the X3 read UXM 208 or especially 210 and Ororo's lecture to Logan about what he did to Rachel...
That's because they had a checklist of characters that needed to die and they did everything they could think of to kill them, regardless of how absurd the circumstances or pointless the deaths may be.

He'd never believed in life after death until Jean had died, and he still wasn't sure what he believed, but he believed in something. Maybe he just believed in her.

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