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Default Re: What would have made "X-Men: The Last Stand" the best of the series:

I agree completely with these statements Nell2ThaIzzay, but that is what made me "hate" the movie: it was so close to be a decent movie... and it had so many dumb flaws...

Originally Posted by Nell2ThaIzzay
But this film was by no means a Batman Forever or Batman & Robin scale catastrophe. It wasn't Catwoman, Elektra or Hulk status either.
^I disagree with this tho, I LOVED the Hulk. *ho-hum*

Originally Posted by Nell2ThaIzzay
the scene with Beast on Alcatraz when he first meets Leech, those are all some really good moments. But what I don't like is how one scene shows Beast, on Alcatraz in San Francisco meeting with Dr. Rao, and the VERY NEXT SCENE is back in New York, where Xavier is teaching a class, and then Storm wheels him into a room where... BEAST IS AT! There needed to be something in between there to show his journey. I don't care, something! It's just way too fast for Beast to be in New York in the very next scene AFTER he was in San Francisco.

Pacing would have also helped to establish a bit better that Beast was a former team member. Except for a "Henry, you're always welcome here", and a throw away "I can't believe this used to fit me" line, there was no reference really towards him being an old X-Men member. And if it weren't for the fact that I am an X-Men fan, know that Beast was part of the original 5, and knew from interviews and talking to the writers that they were establishing him as an older student / team member, I dunno if I really would have caught onto that.
And I smile with this point (what a coicidence) Actually I created a scene for a connection between those scenes.

We're in the metro station and we see the usual people running to the metro, or chatting, or whatever. The camera focuses a person with the face covered by a trench coat and a hat walking towards the tickets booth.
Person w/ trench coat: One, please.
The camera focuses the hand of the ticket woman who gives out a metro card. A gloved hand takes the paper and hands out the money.
Person w/ trench coat: Thank you.
He gets in the metro, and stays in front of the door. The metro starts its journey. A girl looks at him, and giggles. The anonymous drives its look onto her and presses its hat onto its head. We still can't see his face.
The camera focuses all the people in the metro. A man sitting looks at the stranger with trench coat and vaguely directs his look to a person sitting next to him. He observes that that person is fidgeting his pocket, which reveals a gun
Man: Oh god…!
The person w/ gun gets up and BANG.
The man falls, and people in the metro scream.
Person w/ gun: Right! Who’s next? WHO’S NEXT! You! (he aims his gun to a woman’s head) Give me your handbag. GIVE ME your handbag. Now! And the rest! NOW!
The woman starts to tremble while she’s trying to get her handbag. The camera focuses the person w/ gun, and we see that behind him there’s the person w/ trench coat (unfocused). The person w/ gun violently turns and looks behind him while he’s aiming to the air. The person w/ tc isn't there anymore, there's only its hat. Slowly, the person w/gun turns back to the woman and suddenly, a blue, furry hand gets him by his shirt.
Beast (from the ceiling): I’ve seen people do such horrible things that I couldn’t describe with words…
He throws him onto the door (the door which chains the wagons)
Beast That’s why I consider your job pathetic.
The robber seems to be K.O.
Beast gets down, and looks at the corpse on the floor. He crouches and takes his wrist. He gets up and gives a big sigh. He looks around, and sees that a few people are looking at him suspiciously.
Beast It’d be… it’d be a good idea if someone could call the guard. Someone has to take charge of this… (looks at the robber) mindless person.
Nobody answers. He keeps staring at the public. He gets his hat, puts it on and goes to the next wagon.
We’re now in the same room of the encounter of Beast, Charles and Ororo.
Beast Charles, you know how much I hate appearing in public, specially with civilians.
Xavier: And you know how much I hate government agents in my mansion. If you come in a limousine or a helicopter, it’d be more than probable that a security guard would come with you.
Beast sighs.
Xavier: Also, your acts in the metro were very praiseworthy, Henry. Remembers me of the times when you were here.
Beast interrupts with a sarcastic laugh.
Beast: That’s why I left this mansion, Charles. Violence is not the best medicine
Xavier: I never, in my whole life, said that violence was the best way on solving the mutant discrepancies. It might be our last alternative, but
Beast: Charles, are we always going to come up with the same argument?
Storm: Hank?
Beast stops, and turns round.
Beast: Ororo!
They hug, (and you know how the scene continues)

~Not a fan of Beast, but an admirer :P~
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