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Post Re: What would have made "X-Men: The Last Stand" the best of the series:

The pacing was one of my major gripes with it. Everything tended to happen to fast which is Ratner's style obviously, however, had this film been given more time to flesh out scenes, moments, and battles perhaps it wouldn't have been a issue.

The running time is another major gripe of mine as well. The concept of this film/story shouldn't have a running time of 104 minutes.

I will give Ratner credit as in general due to the politics, the rushed production, and the odds being stacked against a director he did turn out a pretty decent/average film and it's not a trainwreck by any means.

This movie should've been something of Uwe Boll status. So I respect Ratner for doing a good job for not caving in under pressure. I also loved the added dialogue that La She Beast wrote for the Beast/Xavier/Storm scene.

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