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Default Re: What would have made "X-Men: The Last Stand" the best of the series:

Originally Posted by Nell2ThaIzzay
02. Pacing: The 2nd biggest problem I see with this movie is the pacing. I am a supporter of the line of thinking that says "this is a 3rd movie... you can't go in and expect everything to be explained for you, you have to understand that there are 2 movies beforehand that tell you who these characters are, and what events led up to the events of this movie", however, I think this film took that a bit too much for granted. I still do want to see SOME character development. And I do want to see events breathe a bit, and settle in. There were some good character moments; both opening flashbacks, the whole scene involving Iceman & Kitty Pryde after Xavier's funeral, the scene with Beast on Alcatraz when he first meets Leech, those are all some really good moments. But what I don't like is how one scene shows Beast, on Alcatraz in San Francisco meeting with Dr. Rao, and the VERY NEXT SCENE is back in New York, where Xavier is teaching a class, and then Storm wheels him into a room where... BEAST IS AT! There needed to be something in between there to show his journey. I don't care, something! It's just way too fast for Beast to be in New York in the very next scene AFTER he was in San Francisco.
hey don't forget when Wolverine went looking for Jean in the woods and mountains only to get tossed by Magneto...We are to assume Magneto and his army were somwhere in the woods of Northern California and treking towards San Logan gets there BY MOTORCYCLE! and then shows up as if it was a few hours later, back at the Mansion in NEW YORK! Did he take the red eye?! A bullet train...whats going on here?


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