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Default Re: What would have made "X-Men: The Last Stand" the best of the series:

Originally Posted by ntcrawler
I can answer this last question for you in a way that doesn't contradict the film or require a large stretch of the imagination.

OK, we agree that Scott's encounter with Jean at Alkali Lake wasn't fatal. She was doing a delicateo balancing act keeping back his optic beams, got distracted, dropped and broke a few eggs. His beams came back, fired on her at point blank range. That's happened before, inside the dam. So Jean defended herself, not because of Dark Phoenix, but out of reflex. The same way you would if I shine a bright light in your face. Puts her hand up, and deflects his optic blast. Except with her powers at their new level, it's a much, much stronger reaction. So Cyclops gets catapulted back into the woods, much further and more violently than he was inside the dam.

Meanwhile, Jean too gets knocked back, just like she was inside the dam. They met on a rocky outcropping. Jean was found unconcious on some rocks right at the shore. What happened? She fell off that ledge, hit her head, and was knocked out. She was already traumatized and dazed, and this only added to it, so her memory was shot and didn't remember what happened. And the panic that set in during her last moments with Scott would explain all those rocks and sticks and leaves hovering in the air. When she gets upset, her powers flare uncontrollably. We see it happen later. It happened here too. After all, she is putting out an aura of power like a nuclear reactor. No big stretch of the imagination.

As to why they never found Scott? Several explanations, all of them reasonable. First off, no one knew that Scott was here. Their only clue were his glasses, and that was more of a plot device for the character's and audience's benefit. But no other substantial evidence. Certainly there was no mention of ever finding his motorcycle or belongings. Wolverine's good at tracking, but his skills don't work if there is no trail to follow. If Scott got catapulted far enough away through the air, there would be no tracks for Logan to follow. And his sense of smell wouldn't work either, especially if the wind was blowing in the wrong direction. Finally, keep in mind that even though the X-men have a supersonic transport, Alkali Lake is in Alberta, on the WESTERN side of the US/Canada, not on the Eastern side. It would still be at least a 2 hour flight minimum. By the time they arrived, he could have waken up and already left the area. Scott's spent a goodly long time being blind before he got his ruby quartz glasses and visor, he'd have practiced his survival training. It would still be quite an ordeal but not beyond his abilities, to fashion together some type of cane from a branch and try to grope and feel his way out of the woods. He could have fallen down into a ravine which would have made it even harder for them to track him, or he could have been picked up by hikers, rangers, hermits, campers, etc and taken to a medical facility.

It could also explain why when we see Xavier's funeral there isn't a memorial, grave, or mention of Scott. They could have held out hope until it finally became "obvious" that he must have been dead. Boy would they be surprised...
Exactly my theory

And that makes sense, as to why it may be difficult for them to track Cyclops. But if Jean is so powerful, which she is, how could she not psychically tell if Scott was alive? Her or Xavier? I guess Cerebro wasn't used, and could be explained as it was still being fixed or something. But, what we are thinking definitely works.

This post was premedicated.
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