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Default Re: who should play supergirl

I'd get an unknown here's my rough start to my script I am doing:

Meteor shower hits Metropolis, people screaming. Suddenly a Red and Blue blur comes flying past and stops in mid-air. He looks worried but at the same time amazed. He flies around stopping pieces of meteor in mid-air and averting disasters, etc. A meteor is about to hit the daily planet it’s a massive one he flies under it straining to hold it up but he manages to do so he flies the meteor up towards space and pushes it away. Then something moves past him at lightning speed, he looks at it “it’s a spaceship” he follows it but even it is to fast for the man of steel, it crashes into the ocean and creates a wave. He looks to the ocean then back at the land where the big wave is about to hit, he turns around to stop the wave. He freezes the wave just before it hits the land and it freezes. The meteor shower has ended. He flies over the police squadrons “is everything all right” police officer “yes, thanks Superman”. Superman smiles and flies off. He then turns back to the ocean and flies down into it. He swims down into the murky depths and notices the pod. He grabs hold of it and pushes as fast as he can through the ocean. He arrives the Fortress of Solitude (FOS). He comes up out of the water with the pod and places it onto the crystalline floor. On top of the pod there is a large chunk of rock; he pulls it off with his hand. On it is a Kryptonian symbol the familiar \S/. He stands up thinking “what’s in this pod?”. He notices what looks like a viewing window, he wipes it with his hand. He looks inside. It’s a girl, blonde, slim probably about 16, 17. Superman puts his hand on each side of the pod, ready to pull it off. He pulls at it but it doesn’t give. He tries again. “It must have been built on Krypton”. He rubs his hand along the \S/ shield on the pod. It lights up. The \S/ becomes Embossed and the door begins to open. The door splits down the middle and then fold into the pod. The girl remains there covered by a red blanket. She is asleep. Superman reaches to touch her as she awakens. She sits up stunned, looks at him, feeling scared. “Don’t be scared” She notices the symbol on his chest and reaches to touch it. Then she passes out. Superman catches her in his arms.

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