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Default Re: What would have made "X-Men: The Last Stand" the best of the series:

Originally Posted by Nell2ThaIzzay
01. Cyclops: Not to throw any blame around, but whoever's idea it was to get rid of Cyclops (be it Fox, and "revenge" for Marsden going to work with Singer on Superman Returns, be it Fox for wanting to showcase Wolverine, and the only way to do that was to have him replace Cyclops is what was Cyclops' story, or whether it was the writer's for emotional impact for Jean's condition), it was a bad idea, and cheapened the movie a bit. For us fans, it was also the biggest diversion from the source material in the entire franchise. And for casual viewers, well, one experience doesn't speak for the masses, but my friend who I saw the film with, who doesn't even care about the X-Men, stated "I didn't think I'd care (regarding Cyclops' death), but after seeing it played out, I felt it cheapened the story to kill him off and with him gone Wolverine could conveniently display his love for Jean and be her hero"... this is from someone who doesn't give a damn about the X-Men and doesn't know jack **** about the comic storylines, and even he understood that Cyclops should have been around. I've had a few other experiences from regular movie goers who thought getting rid of Cyclops made no sense. I think even with the other errors in the film, that will be further down on this list, if this was the only change to the movie, it would have helped to catapult it above even X2. I feel that drastic change from the source material is the major factor that holds this movie back from being the best of the franchise, because when I think about what was wrong with the film, the first thing I think of is how the Phoenix Saga was handled, and how the major problem with that was no Cyclops.
I think Cyclops' demise would have been a lot more pwoerful it was done a little slower with a little bit of drama. I know we see it with Prof X and a few have said it wouldn't have been as powerful if we saw it with Cyclops too, but I disagree- it wouldn't have been a "psi battle" like X vs. Pheonix, but a little differently at Alkali lake (as well as a dramatic Jean Grey ressurection) would have made that part of the film a little more 'elegant' so to speak.

I agree with your pacing comments... the editing on this film is horrible. Hopefully we get an extended cut in the future the way it was meant to be.

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