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Default Re: What would have made "X-Men: The Last Stand" the best of the series:

I too was greatly dissapointed with how Cyclops ended up getting 'killed' in the movie. I, like many others, feel that he is indeed not dead. We never did actually see it. And a comic book guy told me that somethign similar happened in the comic books between Scott and Jean.

The one thing I've been thinking about lately that could have made the ending to X3 so much better.. well there are a few things...

1. Cyclops somehow comes back :P In my mind he should have been the one to kill Jean.. Wolverine does NOT cry.. nor could he possibly love Jean after only a few days of being around her... if you look back on all three movies.. he met her in X1.. he maybe spent up to a week with her until he took off to Alkali Lake.. maybe spent up to another week with her in X2... then Jean 'died'... and then the whole thing in X3.. how could you fall madly in love with someone after a few days?!? it's not possible. Be realistic here people... lol

2. I actually would have liked the humans to take it up a notch in X3 and have the Sentinels at the end of the movie. Sure we got a glimpse of them in the Danger Room.. but wouldn't it have been great for like a group of sentinels to confront them all at the end? That would have been one heck of a final fight.

3. I do have to agree with someone else from this thread about Colossus.. give him more lines.. and why can't he speak Russian? x_x

As for Rogue.. i read somewhere that it was cause Anna had another movie going on and had scheduling problems which is why Rogue wasn't shown heavily in the movie.. I love Rogue in the comic books. I feel in the movies that she was completely useless... They could have taken her out completely and gotten around certain things. As someone did say earlier.. Rogue would have been tempted by the cure but she wouldn't have taken it. She's better than that and she would have stuck by her friends in their time of need. Personally.. i would have thoroughly enjoyed having Gambit stop her from getting the cure :P

4. Gambit!!! Why couldn't he have been in ANY of the movies?!?! Though Iceman is definately cool.... I want Gambit to put a charged card down his pants so that he can have his lady back. lol

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