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Default Re: What would have made "X-Men: The Last Stand" the best of the series:

Locations were also very poor, they should have learned from elektra, that woods are just sucky!

The character selection is really awful! Gambit, jubilee, c'mon, there's lotsa decent characters! and badguys, don't get started, there are sooooo many better characters!

Jugganaught, they ruined his character, the writing 'i need a pee', not exactly hardcore killing machine is it?

The special effects were too over the top, and the phoenix was too much, not right for the atmosphere of X-men movies. And the wirework with her was tragic!

The characters were all changed, they were not the people established in the previous films, I really can't stress this enough.

This film was pretty bad for me, bad acting, bad writing, and bad choices.

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