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Default Re: What would have made "X-Men: The Last Stand" the best of the series:

[quote=JPJappic]I too was greatly dissapointed with how Cyclops ended up getting 'killed' in the movie. I, like many others, feel that he is indeed not dead. We never did actually see it. And a comic book guy told me that somethign similar happened in the comic books between Scott and Jean.

Except in the comic books Jean never killed her teammates, even when she lost control and became Dark Phoenix. Especially Scott. That's been sort-of a given.


1. Cyclops somehow comes back :P In my mind he should have been the one to kill Jean.. Wolverine does NOT cry.. nor could he possibly love Jean after only a few days of being around her... if you look back on all three movies.. he met her in X1.. he maybe spent up to a week with her until he took off to Alkali Lake.. maybe spent up to another week with her in X2... then Jean 'died'... and then the whole thing in X3.. how could you fall madly in love with someone after a few days?!? it's not possible.
It was more of a crush, lust and wishful thinking. Knowing that it's like to be her and about caging the beast are little things, he didn't have the chance to get to know her or learn those little things you need to make love blossom and a relationship last. Scott's been doing it for 15 years so obviously he has an advantage. As for how much time Logan spent with Jean? It's actually shorter than you think.

X1: Xavier asked Logan to give him 48 hours. So considering the amount of time he was at the mansion and stopping Magneto was about 3-4 days, tops. Then after Ellis Island he pretty much rode off as soon as possible. 5-6 days tops for X1

X2: Logan arrives, talks to Jean for about 5 minutes, then she's off to Boston. Next afternoot they get reunited, spend that night in the forest, next day they set off to attack Alkali Lake where Jean dies. Total time: 2-3 days.

X3: About 5 minutes with Jean while she's concious making out on the medical exam table until she hurls him into a wall. No interaction at the Grey family house. Another 1-2 minutes yelling at her in the forest until Magneto catapults him out of there. Alcatraz: no interaction until the last 5 minutes where he professes his love to her and kills her. Total elapsed time: 30 minutes. Wolverine's charm must work fast.

We're looking at 9-10 days tops. Don't even try to compare that to 15 years. Don't even try to tell someone that there was ever any conflict or temptation that would put Jean and Scott's relationship in Jeopardy. Well all know Logan didn't have pure, sincere thoughts for her. Just watch X3. What's the first thing she says him him? "Oh Logan, you're making me blush". She didn't blush by realizing how much he missed her and was worried about her. To think otherwise, you're only fooling yourselves ond trying to add an angle into the films that wasn't meant to be there in the first place, until the X3 people went totally overboard with the concept, especially at the ending. "I Love you" he says? I don't think so.

2. I actually would have liked the humans to take it up a notch in X3 and have the Sentinels at the end of the movie. Sure we got a glimpse of them in the Danger Room.. but wouldn't it have been great for like a group of sentinels to confront them all at the end? That would have been one heck of a final fight.
Just the aftermath of that botched attempt with the evil Cerebro to kill all the mutants and then all the humans resulted in a worldwide massacre that should have justified using the sentinels.

And a man who can rip off the Golden Gate Bridge and move it at his liking justifies what Senator Kelly said that mutants are dangerous.

3. I do have to agree with someone else from this thread about Colossus.. give him more lines.. and why can't he speak Russian? x_x
For the same reason that Storm lost her African accent.

He'd never believed in life after death until Jean had died, and he still wasn't sure what he believed, but he believed in something. Maybe he just believed in her.

Jean: Mom says the only way I can cook is over a bunsen burner.

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