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Default Re: What would have made "X-Men: The Last Stand" the best of the series:

Originally Posted by ntcrawler
It's actually shorter than you think.

We're looking at 9-10 days tops. Don't even try to compare that to 15 years. Don't even try to tell someone that there was ever any conflict or temptation that would put Jean and Scott's relationship in Jeopardy. Well all know Logan didn't have pure, sincere thoughts for her. Just watch X3. What's the first thing she says him him? "Oh Logan, you're making me blush". She didn't blush by realizing how much he missed her and was worried about her. To think otherwise, you're only fooling yourselves ond trying to add an angle into the films that wasn't meant to be there in the first place, until the X3 people went totally overboard with the concept, especially at the ending. "I Love you" he says? I don't think so.
You're sooooooo right.

Originally Posted by ntcrawler
For the same reason that Storm lost her African accent.
I actually really liked the Storm in X1 because of the accent.. when things really started going wrong in X2 and X3 is when i started hating her.. she wasn't acting... Storm-like. And what's with all the unnecessary spinning in X3?

At least Rogue had the accent throughout.. that's one thing I'm definately happy about.

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