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Default Re: Where has Scott Summers gone?

Originally Posted by AznBABYBANDIT
Bump, and he is dead...
Like Toad said in X1: "Don't you people ever die?"

Scott: "Nope. Don't give up until you find the body" [blasts him away]

Dun Battle me out... It's in the Junior Novel.
Junior novel doesn't count as canon, especially in areas where it contradicts the film, or the official novelization, in both of which Cyclops' fate and Jean's answer are purposely kept vague.

And in the Grail novel (Chapter 10: Phoenix and Chapter 13: Homecoming), Jean came back because she missed Scott and made a promise to never leave him, they had an emotional reunion in Alaska, then they took her back to the Xavier mansion where she received a beautiful, heartfelt welcome by all the staff and students.

It's my offshoot vs your offshoot.

The director admitted it, the writers admitted it, and James Marsden admitted it. Cyclops' fate was purposely kept vague to make it possible to bring him back. Therefore, he's not dead. Case closed.

He'd never believed in life after death until Jean had died, and he still wasn't sure what he believed, but he believed in something. Maybe he just believed in her.

Jean: Mom says the only way I can cook is over a bunsen burner.
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