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Default Re: What would have made "X-Men: The Last Stand" the best of the series:

Originally Posted by k0uger
I've been a lurker her for awhile, but that is the gripe i had with this movie. The music did not match the "singerverse"
Other famous series known not only for their story but their music are Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Superman (ok, so John Williams did the music for all of these) that always retain the basic melodies at least when it involves the main story of the film, or the main chars and with each movie added other themes to specific characters or character pairings but in each case the basic melody was always recognizeable and remembered.

X3 had a great film score but didn't fall back on the basic "X-men" theme which I thought added a nice touch as the melody doesn't sound happy and exciting but in a way touches at sadness with a bit of determination. The Phoenix-related music had this aura of mystery, wonder and fear but for critical scenes like Alkali Lake, Whirlpool of Love is too loud and rushed. That scene and the music should have been tender, and touching. Gentle. With a hint towards the end that something MAY be wrong. Instead of this loud obnoxious symphonic crescendo and another crescendo at the final end that just blows up in your face and switches to Xavier screaming.

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