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Default Re: What would have made "X-Men: The Last Stand" the best of the series:

Originally Posted by Nell2ThaIzzay
May I ask you what you found inconsistant about X-Men: The Last Stand, that it contradicted from the first 2 movies?
Here are mine, which include inconsistencies TLS set up within itself and then refused to acknowledge or conclude...

1: Rogue began afraid of her powers, and seemingly reached some closure by the end of X1, she certainly seemed less distraught over her abilities in X2, and even used them to good effect stopping Pyro's rampage at the Drake's. X3 gives us a Rogue who is suddenly deeply insecure again, and finally takes the cure and blots out her own existence as mutant (and really a quite powerful one at that) in order to have a boyfriend (most anti-feminist movie moment of the year, anyone?).

2: At the end of X2 Jean "chose" Cyclops and chose her death. X3 has her just reappear all crazy like, apparently kill Cyke, try to get freaky with Wolverine, and then pointlessly (and silently) play with Wolverine's head for the rest of the film until she just dies - only by being redeemed by Wolverine's love.

3. Nightcrawler disappears.

4. Storm has anger, which helps her survive and is the den mother and secondary leader of the X-Men. No, wait, she just doesn't think mutants should be cured yet doesn't provide Rogue with the counsel to not seek the Cure. She also now needs Wolverine to help her lead the team to the point that he gives the orders in the final battle. She also suddenly capitulates on her earlier stance and agrees the only way to stop Magneto is to force the cure upon him. Beast could've just clubbed the dink with a rock to the head...

5. Wolverine supposedly found himself at the end of X2 - "I'll take my chances with them" and accepted Jean Grey's decision "she chose you." Yet X3 shows his love not only remains but is strong enough to pull her out her Phoenix persona. Likewise his teamwork and leadership abilities are demonstratedly weak until the final battle. Once again the last Stand is about Wolverine's development in exclusion of others.

6. Professor Xavier is sweet, wise fatherly character. Except he locks up Jean's split personality rather than working to reintegrate her shattered psyche following a traumatic childhood event, and then does the same after she arises from a similar trauma as an adult compounded by the apparent killing of her love. He also questions the morals of planting a mind in the brain-dead body of another. Then up and does it with impunity.

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