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Default Re: What would have made "X-Men: The Last Stand" the best of the series:

Originally Posted by Turtletron2.0
The only think I have ever disliked about the movies are the little things. For instance, how hard would it have been to give rogue the deep southern acxcent for the movie----not once has she said "shooga". its just an accent. give me a freaking break ---rogue already has enough things against her in the movie, like flight and super strength, but why not have the accent. its such a little detail yet could have made that much more a difference. Also --- other people in the movies without their correct accents --toad, pyro, collosus, i mean c'mon. Actors are paid to act. make them learn the accent. its not a big deal. actors do it all the time. seriously though --- little things that could have been changed easily could have combined into a major change that the movies could have been through.
Am I completely mistaken in thinking she called someone sugar in TLS? She also started with a southern accent in X1 and quickly lost it, possibly simply from trying to fit in with the other students (though I openly admit that was a poor defense and a continuity issue Singer left unaddressed much like Storm's accent transtition from X1 to X2).

Toad had a British accent, like he is supposed to.

Pyro and Collosus were wholly rewritten as Americans, so while that's something to be angry about, not including accents is a symptom of that decision rather than a flaw.

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