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Well if you ask me Returns was souless joyless movie. Superman 1&2 were full of magic and wonder. Sure it might look cheesy today. But if you want to see Pure Cheese try the 1966 Batman Series or the 70's Wonder women Series. Now that was Cheesy. Sure maybe Luther and gang where. But i dont find anything Chessy about Chris Reeve as Superman. Hell Dean Cain was more chessy as Superman then Reeve was. Even tho i think he did a good job as Clark Kent. Sure Reeve's Clark Kent was a little bit silly. But it work for him and gave the audience a good reason why nobody connected the dots. I mean who the hell would think that Clark Kent was Superman. Either way i wouldnt say that Reeve was doing Slap Stick. Ever watch the Three stooges. Thats Slap Stick. In my opinion Routh was as woodin as a stick. I didnt find anything excellent, amazing or outstanding about him. Sure he looks & sounds like Reeve. But is just not enough for me. Superman the movie is the best Superman movie and far better made then Returns ever was.

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