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Default Re: My S-M4 (Man-Spider & Vulture/Shocker Story)

Thnx. I believe that all Spidey movies are and should be continued by great stories and themes. The 2 main themes here are 1) The evolution of Spidey's powers. That, what we know as Spidey was gentically never supposed to be the final product but an intermediate stage. And 2) A Death sentence. Vulture and Spidey both know they only have so much time and Raimi would be great at showing what choices both these characters would take knowing they are meant to die.

A couple more notes, I never wanted Spidey to be seen as a giant spider if he actually even transformed. It would be weird to see "Peter Parker" as a giant spider. But hints at it and the last scene would be enough for the story. And I threw in a Rhino cameo cuz so many people want it. Lastly, I think it does a decent job at grasping the essence of the other 3 main villians Shocker, Tombstone and Smythe. And now for SM:5, Lizard (finally) and maybe a little Spider Slayer has potential.

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