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Default Re: The Official Jude Law/General Zod Thread

i liked Zod in the first two movies and from what i've heard, most people have really liked this new movie. BUT, the one complaint i hear (other than fans nit-picking) is that it's too similar to the old movies and not different enough. i think this would only add fuel to that fire. while it does intrigue me what they would do (story-wise), i'd much rather see Bizarro or Braniac -- hell, i'd settle for Solomon Grundy, just to see someone new.

i'd like to see Braniac come to earth, find Zod frozen in the arctic, take from him everything he's learned about Superman, and then kill him -- telling us all Zod will not return and Braniac is a BAMF (to reference Dane Cook).

had an idea today . . .
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