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Default Re: Live-Action Avengers being planned

Originally Posted by The Joker
the problem is different characters are owned by different studios, so we may get sort of a crap line up for, say if Fox owned the rights to the avengers, we'd see a line up probably consisting of Daredevil, Ghost Rider, The X-Men and the Fantastic Four...I just dont see this really working too great
I believe Thor, Captain America, and Ant-Man are all under Marvel films right now, and Hulk reverted back there as well from Universal...i think Iron Man is under New Line, so that could be a problem....unless Marvel just loans out the other Avengers to New Line and lets them make the Avengers movie...

At any rate; Kevin Fiege said that its no coincidence that those particular characters were all getting the big screen treatment, so it WILL happen eventually. (fingers crossed)

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